"When I needed a crew to create the myriad special make-up effects for SLIME CITY MASSACRE, I turned to Zombified Studios, the best SFX house in Buffalo. Rod Durick assembled a crack team of artists and did some magnificent sculpting to bring my creatures to life."

--Greg Lamberson, director of SLIME CITY MASSACRE


Slime City Massacre is the sequel to Greg Lamberson's 1988 cult hit, Slime City.

We here at Zombified Studios had the honor of doing the lions share of the special effects makeup for the film.

Rod Durick ran the show, with help from a supremely talented effects crew. We brought in Arick Szymecki, Andrew Lavin, John Renna, and Phil Czubinski. We also imported RJ Sevin form Louisiana and got some custom effects from Craig Lindberg out of New York City. We had some assists form Rebecca Durick, Stacey "Meatbeard" Book, Tim Nowak, Phili Bond, and Tammy Colley - the baddest assed PA's any crew could ask for.

Then we brought in Rod's father, Rod Durick Sr. (registered nurse to the stars), to check on the health and wellbeing of the crew. 60 hour days living on nothing but Tim Horton's coffee and Monster Energy Drinks had a few of us on the edge of massive coronaries... Rod's dad kept an eye on us and made sure we didn't die. Which was fortunate for us.

This movie has ALOT of gags. If it is any indication, we went through more than 200 gallons of slime in a rainbow of colors, we had a bucket labeled "Hobo Blood", we Figured out some neat new uses for denture powder, we slapped mud all over 50 or 60 extras, we had cannibals, dismembered heads, spurting neck stumps, we made something we lovingly called the baby headed meat stick...

All in all, our experience on the set of Slime City Massace was excellent. I mean, aside from the near constant abuse and mistreatment of our team at the hands of the director, the experience on set was excellent.

Check back in the next week or two for some updated information on the movie, some pictures from the set and mayhap even a word from some more of the cast and crew.