The Pigman is short horror film that explores the local urban legend of an old butcher who has been tied to various grisly murders & hauntings along an old lakeshore road in Western New York.

The Pigman is a mysterious half-man, half-pig apparition that is said to be fond of placing the heads of butchered pigs on stakes to ward off tresspassers. Legend says that he is still stalking “Old Pigman Road”, always looking for his next victim.

The film focuses on a group of friends who set out to make a movie about the legend and end up paying the ultimate price.

The Pigman Mike Caputi
Victim #1 Dana Christine
Trey Dan Loughery
Jim David Cohen
Barbara Sherri Harrington
Dawn Jennifer Bihl
Redneck Driver Joe gill
Redneck Passenger Jay Mager
Redneck #3

Rod Durick

Director Jay Mager
Assistant Director Joe Gill
Director of Photography Bob Lingle
Camera Operators Nicholas Morgan Anderson
Jasmyn Castro
Audio Engineering Joe Gill
Boom Operators Joe Gill
Dan Loughery
Nicholas Morgan Anderson
Production Assistant & Continuity Jasmine Soto
Special Makeup Effects Supervisor Rod Durick
Special Makeup Effects John Renna
Special Makeup Effects Best Boy Josh Caputi
Pigman Mask Design Matt Patterson
Stunt Coordinator Bob Lingle
Still Photographers Sarah Caputi
Jasmyn Castro
Nicholas Morgan Anderson
Cheryl Gorski
Catering Sarah Caputi
Sue Mager
John Renna
Liz Phillips
Story Jason Mager

Special thanks to the Caputi family for thier gracious hospitality, and for putting up with a whole flock of noisy, messy and often rude film makers.
The Pigman - 2008

©Zombified Studios MMVII
Buffa-Low Budget Films / Zombified Studios Production.
The Pigman - 2008

©Zombified Studios MMVII