Defanged, The Camper, Model Hunger, Wards Island (now Battle Dogs), Dry Bones, film festivals, music videos, writing...

There is a lot going on. Nose to the grindstone, rather than fingers to the web updates - as the old saying goes. Or as the old saying SHOULD go.


Movies are done. Book is just about done. Premier screenings are looming closer and closer. Slime City Massacre will hit the shelves on May 10th.

After the book is completed, Zombified Studios will be undergoing a major overhaul.


It has been a while since I made any updates, and the past year has been crazy for us. There have been marriages, movies, festivals... Everything is going according to plan. Muahahahahahahahahah...hah... umm.. ahem... anyway...

We spent time working on Greg Lamberson's Slime City Massacre - the sequel to his original cult hit, Slime City; we've collaborated with Buffa-Low Budget Films and Deftone Studios Pictures on a few more projects; Rod, somehow, landed a lead role in Jay Mager's Born to Die; we got listed on the Buffalo Niagara Film Commission's site as "Crew" for any projects coming in from out of town; and throughout the whole time we have been working toward building up our arsenal of equipment, gags and effects!

Right now we are neck deep in prep for Deftone Pictures Studios Film, The Final Night and Day. This is the most ambitious zombie movie that we have tried to tackle yet. 200 extras, at least a dozen "hero" characters, bullet hits, gushing organs, gallons of puss... and I am sure that I saw something about a partridge in a pear tree on the schedule!

So, I know that I haven't been on top of these updates... But, I think I have a pretty good excuse.

The dog.

The dog ate my updates.

10.2.2008 to 10.5.2008
Thursday, October 2nd, Jay and I leave for Akron, OH to spend the weekend pimping Zombified Studios.

We are headed to the Con on the Cob , where they will be showing a couple of our movies, and we will be doing little Q and A sessions sometime over the weekend.

So stop at our table (booth #33) and say hello, maybe buy a couple of DVD's... They make great gifts for the family, because nothing says "Merry Christmas Mom" like some arterial spray!

Buffa-Low Budget Film's Jay Mager and Zombified Studio's Rod Durick will appear on the Greg Sterlace Show this week.

In Erie County:
Cable CH. 20
Wednesday Night at 11:00

In The City of Buffalo:
Cable CH. 20
Friday Night at 8:30

We viewed and discussed Jay's short film, "An Awkward Moment".

After Jay's short, watched the teaser trailer of  "The Pigman"

Check it out,  www.sterlace.com .

Zombified Studios will be at  Con on the Cob  in Akron, Ohio. - October 2-5, 2008.

Con on the Cob is "a four day celebration of games, art, freaks & fun".

We will be screening "The Pigman" each night, we'll have some props from the film with us - and we'll even be doing a little "seminar" on our film making process.

We have some other suprises and treats in store, so stop by if you are going to be in the area.