Our Friend, Arick Szymecki from Anomaly FX, and I have started preproduction on Michael O'Hear's DRY BONES.

It is a horror/comedy, reminiscent of films like HOUSE and FRIGHT NIGHT from the 80's.

There will be a lot of over the top gags, monsters, kink and Mike O in his underwear...

Good stuff, man... Good stuff.

Zombified Studios is a production house based in Western New York. Here, you can find all manner of grotesque oddities and general nastiness... and we fully intend to get it all on film.

We've got some "In-House" productions under our belt as well as collaborations with other producers and local film companies. We are making movies, theater, music videos... Whatever you want to see, we can probably do it.

We have photographers, videographers, makeup artists, sculptors, carpenters, wardrobe stylists ...anything you could ever need for film work, photo projects or even haunted houses.

If you want something dead, decayed or bloodied - and want the coffin to put it in - then you have definitely come to the right place. Take a look around. If what you see makes you just a little sick, then we have done our jobs.

Keep watching, we will be coming to a theater near you, and neither you or the theater will ever be the same.

 Rod Durick
 Supreme Emperor
 Zombified Studios