Poster Coming Soon!!

  "When I first started looking around for a Special Effects team for The Final Night and Day, I called on my good old friends from Zombified Studios. With unbelievable, remarkable, and sheer stunning Special Effects. The Final Night and Day is a grouping of all my works rolled into one film. DefTone is extremely honored to be working with Zombified Studios after a three year parting."

--Adam R Steigert, director of "The Final Night and Day

The Final Night and Day is the third feature from Deftone Pictures Studios. With each project, Adam R. Steigert and the rest of the Deftone crew get better at what they do. Their characters get better, the storytelling gets tighter and they just keep raising the level of their game.

When Adam called and asked me to do the effects for his latest feature, it did not take me long to say yes. I spent much of the time since my last outing with Deftone getting better at what I do too. I was sure that I had enough new things in my arsenal to help Adams' script come to life - or death... I mean it IS a zombie movie.

This is Deftone Pictures Studios most ambitious project to date. The sheer scope of the movie is daunting for a local independent project. There will be hundreds of extras, an entire town shut down for the production, huge sets and beautifully creepy locations.

Keep checking in for pictures from the set, updates and maybe a word or two from some of the crew.