In my travels around Western New York, I found there were many others out there just like me.

I had the desire and the talent to create, but I was unfocused - always wasting my time looking for help with a project or looking for the next gig.

I found that many like me had worked on projects for other people, yet few of us have really done anything for ourselves - basically, because there is too much for one person to handle in trying to take on a full production alone.

There is a wealth of talent around here, and I felt it was time someone brought us all together under a common flag for a common purpose. That is where Zombified Studios comes in. We will bring together writers, directors, cinematographers, photographers, effects and makeup people, models and actors, wardrobe stylists to carpenters.

So, now - instead of 50 people working on 50 different projects and never finishing anything, we will have the whole group focus on hammering out one project at a time. Once we get a job done, we will move right on to the next.

From concept to completion, we have the collective talents to do anything. Theater, film, documentary - We can produce it all.

There are some exciting things coming. Stay tuned!